• Anne Libby

    • Ready to level up on people management?

      What do you need?

    • You're a founder, executive, or HR/People Ops lead

      And you want to


      Management Talent

      You want leaders to


      • Create and lead healthy, accountable teams
      • Provide meaningful feedback
      • Provide career guidance to their team members
      • Handle difficult conversations and conflict

      Increase Employee


      So that team members


      • Know how their work enables your organization's success
      • Understand success criteria for their roles
      • Feel supported in their work
      • Possess the tools and autonomy to grow in their careers

      Decrease Conflict and Friction

      And you'll have fewer


      • Surprise resignations
      • Unexpected (not good) news in exit interviews
      • Hires who don't "fit"
      • Instances where executives or HR must mediate conflict on, or between, teams
    • You're a new-ish manager, or early in your career


      Here are few things for you to read, about your work

      Emerging Manager

      Explorer of the Canon

      You want to learn -- can all of the content out there be authoritative?

      New Professionals

      Your manager might not know how to school you on basics. Or want to. Here's a partial archive for a pop-up newsletter I wrote.

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