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    Anne was an invaluable resource to many of our fledgling managers during a time of rapid growth. Her training and coaching sessions laid a terrific foundation, and by starting there, she developed relationships with employees that were long-lasting and trust-filled. The team appreciated her wealth of experience and felt that they could reach out to her for guidance on a range of issues. As new challenges and opportunities arose, she was a source of support, wisdom, and perspective on matters across people ops, culture, and management.


    VP, HR

    NYC Startup

    (Management Intensive, coaching)

    Anne was an invaluable resource to the members of my team during a difficult restructuring. She consistently delivered insight and advice that was both powerful and effective. To say she was instrumental in the success of our transition would surely be an understatement.

    – Executive Director,

    Early Stage Not-for-Profit

    (Consulting, Coaching)

    Anne articulates so clearly the optimal conditions under which an organization could operate, but she also understands and has compassion for how things actually are, and she has an incredible ability to become fluent in your company's culture over the course of a single conversation. Anne has spent her career thinking about the ways and conditions under which people and corporations work best, and I often find myself referring back to the things I learned in her program.
    - Editorial Director, Media/Publishing
    (Management Intensive Participant)

    Anne was a great help in getting us to formalize roles and responsibilities in our growing company so that we, and our employees, could measure employee performance. Once we began a dialogue, we realized the strain it caused employees to not have defined roles; they were never sure what was expected of them! This is still an ongoing process, but recognition of the problem soothed employee relations. Thanks Anne!


    - COO, Continuing

    Medical Education Startup


    My employer put me in touch with Anne Libby when I was first promoted as a new manager. She ramped me up quickly on best practices for people management, time management, and strategic thinking. While I'm sure I would have learned these things on my own in my new role, I'm positive I would have been slower and made many more mistakes along the way without Anne guiding me.


    - Emerging Manager, NYC startup


    Working with Anne was a journey that allowed me to grow as a leader, manager and person and helped me create real tangible results at work.


    Her very personalized approach gave me all the tools I needed to develop and launch a multi-year performance management process into a business that had never even talked with employees about performance.

    Anne is one of those people who can provide ideas and help you see things that you cannot see, and figure out what the heck to do about people problems that seem insurmountable.

    - President

    Real Estate Firm

    (Consulting, Coaching)

    I cannot recommend my time and coaching experiences with Anne enough (and in fact, I do recommend!). Even years later, I think of the framework that we worked on together around my personal and professional development. Anne helped me to develop insights and a thoughtful approach that helped me to tackle many of the challenges I was facing, and that I still use every day. I admire and respect Anne, and continue to learn by observing how she continues to evolve and grow her business. Thank you, Anne for all you have done for my career and life :)

    Co-Founder, General Partner Venture Capital Firm


    Even though I had read the syllabus (so I thought I knew what was being covered) I found that Anne was able to pull apart a lot of projections and assumptions that I'd been making. By the end of each session, I remember feeling like I understood the content in a more nuanced way, and also had an idea of how to start putting new ideas into practice—rather than just rejecting management outright.


    - Developer/

    Program Leader

    (Management Intensive Participant)

    I’ve known and worked with Anne for more than 15 years in a wide range of venues, from when I was CEO of a venture-funded startup, to consulting to a for-profit company.

    Anne has an unerring way of cutting through all the BS and seeing what is really important, and marrying it with her knowledge of our strategic vision to get us back to true north. Her insights are particularly critical when it comes to people issues, which are (honestly, for me) the most difficult to deal with on a regular basis. That in and of itself would be enough – what really distinguishes Anne is her understanding of how to leverage people and culture to accomplish organizational objectives, to great effect.


    - President & CEO

    Trade Association