• Performance Review Prep

      If you've been hearing about lackluster performance reviews in exit interviews, maybe it's time to give your emerging managers a bit more support in the review process.

      I can help you begin to unify your managers around a set of good practices.

      Good Practices Talk

      Interactive 75-minute live video session, combining presentation and Q&A. I'll solicit questions from the group beforehand, and address them in the session.

      • What is performance management?
      • Anatomy of a good review
      • Dos and don'ts
      • Q&A
      • A second AMA session is possible, at your request, during or after your review season

      Office Hours

      1-hour video calls for participants in the 75-minute Good Practices sessions, which we hold before, during or after your performance review season.

      • Discuss questions privately
      • Receive targeted recommendations and feedback

      Manager Coaching

      Personalized, focused support for emerging managers, via 1:1 video coaching sessions over the course of your review season.


      • 4 sessions, structured around prep, practice, and follow-up
      • Workshop review conversations
      • Debrief experiences
      • Build towards the next review cycle by optimizing 1:1 meetings with team members

      Questions? Send me a note, or use the button to schedule a call (cameras off or on, lol.)