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      Management Development Programs

      The Management Intensive is a 6-session program I can bring to your shop, for your group of emerging managers. The program includes individual sessions with each participant: these discussions help each manager to meet the material from where they are today, and begin to act on what they're learning.

      When you're considering any leadership development program for your team, here are some questions for you to consider about your goals and desired outcomes. (link coming soon,)

      1:1 Leadership Guidance

      • Leaders can level up via coaching, when a coach gathers feedback and makes it actionable, and guides the leader as they act to make visible progress.
      • Emerging leaders sometimes need personalized tactical support that you don't have the bandwidth to offer.  With Office Hours, I bring seasoned management expertise directly to your leaders, in your shop.
      • Hiring a coach can be tricky.  Here are some good things to read, and questions for you to consider.  (link coming soon.)


      Sometimes you just know that something is not working.


      Maybe you and your exec team are seeing some of these red flags in your organization

      On a tightly constrained timeline, I can identify root causes, and offer practical actions your team can take to move forward.

      Ask Me Anything

      Maybe there's a particular topic that you're interested in highlighting for your team members, clients, or industry group.

      I've done workshops, speaking engagements and AMAs for companies, not-for-profits, industry/alumni associations, and gatherings hosted by investors for portfolio companies, as well as a TV appearance that's now lost to the ages.

      Topics have included being a new manager, goals and accountability, hiring, how our actions influence culture, personal leadership, and then some.

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